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Black leather

Smooth, rough, hard, new, old. If you treat a piece of leather the right way, protect it from rain and snow, give it a nice treatment from time to time, you can be sure to be happy with it for a very long time. The first picture shows my favorite pair of chelsea boots I bought a year ago at COS. The Second one a big shopper my mother offered me a couple of months ago, from COS as well. And the pair of gloves are my grandmothers. I inheritated a couple of lovely gloves in black, red, green, brown and they all are in an amazing state, though a couple of decennies old.

What goes for my clothes counts for my accessories as well. I prefer to buy a piece that might be more expensive but that I will live happily everafter with. I am very pleased with my shopper, but I am looking for a new handbag. This one at other stories looks like it has the perfect size, not too big, not too small and with a two-tone twist. The boots are from other stories as well and I can’t get them out of my head since I first saw them. They seem to be a standout piece that can speak for itself with a simple pair of skinny jeans and a nice coat. The last bag is from Mansur Gavriel and I find it incredibly beautiful. I first saw it on Garance Doré and fell in love with every design they do and the philosophy behind it. If you didn’t know these two girls before, have a look here: Mansur Gavriel

I hope the still have it in a coupl of months, when I have started to work full-time and save up for this trophy.

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